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About Us

At BergHOFF®, we’re constantly looking for ways to enhance the kitchen experience. With the BergHOFF® PerfectSlice Bakeware set, we feel we have done just that. No longer will your children receive uneven proportions. No longer will your co-worker complain about receiving the “small brownie”.

That’s right! Our BergHOFF® PerfectSlice Bakeware and custom PerfectSlice Slicer delivers precise cuts for all of your fresh-baked goods, no matter what the occasion. Our unique, guideline grid on the edges of every pan takes all the guesswork out of cutting your next dish. BergHOFF® wants everyone to be a professional in their kitchen. The kitchen is and should remain a magical place where wondrous things can happen. Not everyone needs to be a professional chef, but we strongly believe everyone should feel like it.

The BergHOFF® PerfectSlice Bakeware set makes that possible in the most simplistic way, giving you slices of perfection every step of the journey. PerfectSlice is more than quality baking pans. It’s easy portion control and food preparation with beautiful uniformity. We’re not done making your life easier. In fact, we’ve only just begun.